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Aerial Photography and Video for Realtors and Property Owners

Are you a Realtor or Seller of Property?

Aerial photography is fast becoming the new normal for homes and properties with unique locations, construction techniques, large size and/or terrain features. Increasingly, prospective buyers of these properties want a more well-rounded perspective of what they are considering purchasing.


Why Choose Us?

We have the capability to provide both high quality photos and 4k video of a property at reasonable cost and legally, with no risk of liability to you! We can even host the video online for you to share with clients on the web.

Recent Video Montages

Please view the examples to the right to see the quality of our footage as well as our post-production editing capabilities. Take note of the variety of intriguing perspectives, the frequency of scene transitions, and the musical synchronization of scene changes. The videos are designed to grab the viewer's attention, while still leaving some things to be discovered! (Be sure to choose the highest resolution setting (up to 4k or 2160p) that your internet connection and viewing equipment can handle in order to have the best viewing experience possible!)

Production Quality

Anyone providing aerial photography for commercial purposes knows that the new standard for video is 4k resolution video. By default, we provide this level of quality to our clients. Beyond that, our post-production video and image editing capabilities enhance the quality of the aerial imagery substantially, and that sets us apart from any competition. For example, enhancing imagery and video for color or other issues is one thing, but what about how the video appeals to the viewer? Scene transitions, musical choice, and attention to audio / visual harmony is essential to producing an attractive viewing experience that can captivate potential buyers of a property.

Practical Focus

Certain unique features of a home or property may be need to be highlighted in order to provide the best perspective to a potential buyer. These are things we specifically look for while planning and excuting an aerial shoot. We are happy to implement your recommendations or wishes to draw attention to details you want to feature as well! For videos, often 1 – 2 minutes in length is sufficient to maintain the attention of the audience in today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, our goal is to capture the most meaningful aerial perspective with every shot in order to make a big impact on a viewer with a concise, effective showcase of the property for sale.

Minimal Cost

We want to give you the most we possibly can for the least cost. Depending on the location, size of the property, and extent of critical features that need to be covered, we will provide an accurate cost estimate for you ahead of time before you commit. Rest assured that by working with us, our top priority will be your satisfaction. Why? We want you back! It is your recommendation to others and your continued reliance on us for your aerial photography needs that makes our business successful. 

Contact us or fill in the online form to provide us with some basic information relating to your needs and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

Legal Responsibility

By law, we are responsibile for the safety of all operations involved with aerial photography. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires us to follow strict guidelines on how we conduct flight in U.S. airspace. For example, per FAA requirements, our aircraft must be registered and our remote pilots must obtain a certification to fly remote aircraft. Our ability to continue providing aerial photography services to our clients hinges on us meeting all legal requirements. We gladly fulfill these requirements, because frankly, they are for the safety and well-being of everyone! Click here to learn more about the legalities involved with flying remote aircraft.