Fusion Aerial

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Who We Are

Fusion Aerial was established in 2016 in Los Alamos, New Mexico, but serves all of the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. Real estate agents in the Los Alamos area expressed interest in the use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) technology, commonly known as drones, to capture photography of their clients’ properties from the air. As we continue to fill this need, we are also applying this technology in other ways, such as 3D-mapping, 360° aerial panoramas, virtual aerial tours, and more. We look forward to providing our clients with not just a quality product, but also a satisfying interaction as we understand and fulfill their specific needs.

Remote Pilot Certification

The FAA requires our pilots to be properly tested and certified to fly remote aircraft for any commerical purpose. We are committed to abiding by all laws and regulations required for our operations. Below, you can see a remote pilot certificate that we possess.

Remote Pilot Certificate

sUAS Aircraft Registration with the FAA

Our aircraft are properly registered with the FAA. Please see one of our certificates below.

sUAS FAA Aircraft Registration

Our Aircraft

Currently, the Phantom 4 Pro allows us to capture 4K high-quality images and video. To learn more about the Phantom 4 Pro, visit the official page here.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro